Slow Carb Diet Tools

The slow carb diet that has helped tens of thousands of people lose weight across the globe is now made easier with this comprehensive package of slow carb diet tools. The slow carb diet helps people easily lose weight without counting calories, feeling hungry or over-restricting what you eat.


Key Features

  • Extensive list of all of the foods allowed on the slow carb diet.

  • Meal and recipe suggestions and meal planning tools.

  • Ability to easily make and e-mail slow carb shopping lists.

  • Easy to follow rules of the diet with explanations.

  • Tracking tools to monitor and graph weight, body fat percentage and total inches or centimeters.

  • Tools to help with cravings and the one day completely off of the diet you are encouraged to take per week!

  • Ability to log cravings for later, reduces poor food choices using delayed gratification.

  • Supplement schedules and descriptions.

  • Easy to follow 2-3 minute exercise routines that can change your body with very little effort.

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